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How a 30-Day No Alcohol Biohack Changed My Life

January 5, 2015 By Jason Sissel Health

For those of you who have been following the #30DaysNoAlcohol biohack I did in conjunction with Ben GreenfieldWellnessFX and DexaFit, today is probably the day for which you have been waiting: the results!

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Body Composition: The DEXA Scan

December 5, 2014 By Jason Sissel Health

To measure body composition for the 30 Day, No Alcohol biohack with Ben Greenfield, I set up a DEXA scan with DexaFit Chicago. The DEXA (duel-energy x-ray absorptiometry) scan provides one of the best measurements of body composition available,..

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WellnessFX: Your Health in a Drop of Blood

December 5, 2014 By Jason Sissel Health

If you were driving to an unfamiliar destination, you likely would not think twice about opening the Google Maps on your phone and entering your desired destination. A GPS application is handy because it not only tells you where you are located at..

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30 Days, No Alcohol Biohack--Thoughts at the Midpoint

December 5, 2014 By Jason Sissel Health

I'm now half way through the 30 Days, No Alcohol biohack with Ben Greenfield and I have to admit, I never expected I'd feel the positive changes so quickly simply by quitting alcohol consumption cold turkey. The quality of my sleep has been better, I..

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Biohack: 30 Days No Alcohol

November 19, 2014 By Jason Sissel Health

I have been a sponsored ultra-endurance athlete for several years now. Since 2009, I have completed many challenging events including: two Ultraman triathlons, mountaineering expeditions on three of the Seven Summits, a 156-mile run in the Sahara..

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How I Escaped Tower 2 of the World Trade Center on 9/11/01 -- By Shana Sissel

September 11, 2014 By Jason Sissel Inspiration

I began my career at Morgan Stanley in New York in March of 2000. At some point during that year, I met a girl at the same company who, as it turned out, 12 years later became my wife. However if it were not for the heroic acts of the Morgan Stanley..

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6 Ways to Stay Hydrated When Training in Hot Weather

July 18, 2014 By Jason Sissel Cycling, Running, Training Tips

Running or cycling in hot, humid weather can be downright brutal!  However, with some proper planning and a little preparation, you can succeed when doing your runs or rides in the heat.  Here are six tips to stay hydrated when you train or race in..

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VIDEO: How I Ran 156 Miles in The Sahara Desert

February 6, 2012 By Jason Sissel Kids With Cancer, Marathon des Sables, Sahara Desert, Ultra-running

In April 2011, I ran the Marathon des Sables--a 156-mile ultra-marathon in the Sahara Desert--to raise funds for Endure to Cure Pediatric Cancer Foundation. The funds I raised helped Endure to Cure bring uplifting gifts and experiences to 20 children in..

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Ultraman Canada: Day 3 Recap—A Moment of Truth

August 3, 2009 By Jason Sissel Ultraman Canada

"Better never to begin; if begun, better to finish." says a Taoist teaching.  So it goes, completing the first two extremely challenging days comprised of 6.2 miles of swimming and 260 miles of cycling was not enough to be happy about.  We needed to..

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Ultraman Canada: Day 2 Recap & Day 3 Preview

August 2, 2009 By Jason Sissel Ultraman Canada

Day 2 of Ultraman Canada was a very challenging 170 mile bike over flats, steep and/or long climbs in the Canadian Cascades, then one very long section of very windy flats, followed by a steady 20 mile climb which was an out and back so you get to go..

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