Friday, December 5, 2014
Jason Sissel

If you were driving to an unfamiliar destination, you likely would not think twice about opening the Google Maps on your phone and entering your desired destination. A GPS application is handy because it not only tells you where you are located at any given moment, but also constantly shows you whether you are getting closer to or further from your destination. But if this is so logical, why don't we use appropriate "GPS device" for reaching any particular goal?

For the 30 Day, No Alcohol biohack I am doing with Ben Greenfield, we are using an advanced blood biomarker panel via WellnessFX to identify the "current location" of my health. I quit alcohol cold turkey so wherever the biomarkers show as our "destination" after 30 days will likely be a better spot than where it started. (Admittedly, not the standard approach to navigating towards a desired goal, but certainly the best approach for gathering data from an experiment.)

As you can tell, WellnessFX is a terrific "GPS tool" because it gives everyday people access to deep insights into their health and allows us to take preventative corrective measures to our health, as opposed to identifying and reacting to problems after they surface. It also allows everyday biohackers to gather fantastic before and after data from their experiments.

The WellnessFX process is simple: you will receive advanced biomarker data within a week of getting a quick blood draw--all of which gets uploaded into your secure, personalized dashboard that provides insight into each blood marker and ways to improve it. And if that isn't enough, you can even schedule one-on-one consultations with a doctor or practitioner who can provide you with even more information and advice.

Simply put, in order to truly know what's going on inside our body, we need to test the blood regularly (see graphic below).

Here are the eye-opening findings from my pre-experiment WellnessFX blood panel:

  • Very low Vitamin D
  • Low magnesium
  • Elevated eosinophils along with low neutrophils
  • Borderline high CO2
  • Elevated liver enzymes
  • Elevated TSH level
  • Awful lipid panels

Click here to download my full WellnessFX blood results.  If you would like to read more about how these biomarkers are effecting my body and why they're important for sustainable health, then check out Ben's fascinating in-depth analysis.

For purposes of this 30 Day, No Alcohol experiment, once the post-experiment blood panels are in we will get a crystal-clear picture of how eliminating alcohol changes the various biomarkers that are so vital to keeping our engine running. Perhaps more importantly, getting regular blood panels enables us to know our current "health/fitness GPS location" and affords us the opportunity to get back on the correct route before its too late.

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