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Clearlight Infrared is the industry leader in the saunas. They are the only sauna used and endorsed by the Hippocrates Health Institute and are also used in many of the world’s top therapeutic wellness centers, such as the Beth Israel Hospital in NY and the Arcadia Cancer Clinic in Kassel Germany.

The Clearlight Sanctuary Full Spectrum saunas come standard with powerful near, mid and far infrared heating technology. To optimize your health results with the many benefits of infrared heat, their Sanctuary saunas provide all 3 wavelengths 100% of the time. All Sanctuary saunas come with Advanced Medical Grade Chromotherapy while boasting an industry-low exposure to electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and is only infrared sauna company in the industry that shields against extremely low frequencies (ELF).

I use my Clearlight Sanctuary Y for stretching, yoga, recovery, and detoxification on as much of a daily basis as possible.

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