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The Hottest New Wellness Trackers You've Never Seen – and Never Will
KRISTI WOOD, A 49-year-old business owner outside of Seattle, is a health and fitness enthusiast – and Google knows it. Among the ads that popped up on her computer a few years ago was one for a health analytics company called InsideTracker. She took the bait.

Can These New Devices Really Help You Sleep, Drug-Free?
As an ultra-endurance athlete, Jason Sissel knows the importance of high-quality, uninterrupted sleep for recovery. But as the father of a 14-month-old boy, solid snoozing is but a dream. So Sissel, the Chicago-based founder of Endure to Cure, a childhood cancer nonprofit, tried the SomniResonance SR1, a wearable that emits a certain electromagnetic frequency in an effort to spur the brain to fall into a sounder sleep sooner.