Sleep Master Sleep Mask

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With its unique patented design, Sleep Master is an adjustable sleep mask with built-in sound muffling. Sleep Master was invented for people with sleeping difficulties, for those who just enjoy napping during the day or while traveling, and even for those whose partners insist on watching TV or reading late into the night. Sleep Master is an all-in-one sleep mask that combines light elimination and sound reduction, the conditions necessary for deep sleep. Sleep Master's comfortable fit and relaxing effect quickly induces an amazingly deep and refreshing sleep or nap.

What makes Sleep Master unique is the noise-reduction quality. Traditional sleep masks only cover your eyes, and are clumsy and uncomfortable. They provide no noise relief, requiring the separate use of ear plugs, which can often fall out with the head movement typical during sleep. Instead, Sleep Master is adjustable, comfortably surrounds your head and covers your ears (easily connecting in the back of the head with velcro strips), simultaneously blocking light and muffling sound, quickly inducing a deep and refreshing sleep.

This is fantastic thing to have when I am on an overnight flight, need rest in a noisy place (or one that does is not dark), and/or on a mountain climb.

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